Milda Bordeaux – exclusive, luxury, unique knitwear

With its roots dug deep in quality craftsmanship and refined tailoring, the Milda Bordeaux Label finds its identity through venturing into provocative minimalism. Fascinated by the principle of paradox, the designer consistently channels her contrasting ideals into designs and garments that narrate a similar story.

An economist by qualification, Milda’s affinity to design & innovation instantly translated into a raging passion. She was constantly surrounded by shapes, angles and lines in her professional career, which further enhanced her perspective. A series of varied projects later, Milda, having satiated her appetite for a multidimensional profile, stepped closer to her passion.

Consequently, over the past five years, Milda was absorbed in a world of immaculacy. While she fine-tuned her skills in all spheres of design, she sincerely focused on evolving from a designer to a global couturier. Milda delved into the world of exquisite garments and more importantly, bespoke philosophies. Her strenuous hours creating design were exceedingly instrumental in establishing her obsession for quality and detail.

Her label’s identity, while imbibing on the ideals of luxury, weaves the evolution of a multicultural designer with an ever-maturing design perspective. Thriving on this contrast, her label is evidently, a dialogue on her creative cognition.