Royal Yarn by Milda Bordeaux – SILK

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This is most luxurious yarn

(the one to use when knitting something for yourself!). It’s a blend of 70% SILK and 30% Mohair. Fabric knit beautifully, making it ideal for feather-soft shawls, scarves, and decadent lightweight sweaters. It’s luxuriously soft and easy to knit with.

Weight: 50 grams

Recommended needle size: US 3-6

Care: Hand wash, dry flat

Colour: Dusty Purple

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Royal Yarn by Milda Bordeaux

Composition: 70% SILK and 30% Mohair

Product Line: Silk

Colour: Dusty Purple

Suitable For: Knitwear, Knitted Scarves, Accessories – Gloves/Mittens, Accessories – Hats, Baby/Toddler, Blankets/Throws, Crafts, Crochet